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Why Central Drugs

We are your pharmacy partner and we closely work with you to provide continuous care. At Central Drugs, we stand by the quality and integrity of our products. We are committed to creating lifelong relationships with our patients and practitioners. We customize our services based on your needs.

With us, you get more than a pharmacy!

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For YOU (Practitioner)

  • Opened in 1954
  • Compounding since 1999
  • Largest pharmacy in north Orange County, CA
  • Serving patients compounded products across 29 states
  • Compounds undergo testing to ensure products meet safety standards required by the FDA, California State Board of Pharmacy, and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)
  • PCAB/ACHC accredited at our Fullerton pharmacy
  • Adhere to all non-sterile compounding guidelines set by United States Pharmacopeia (795) and (800) chapters
  • State of the art compounding laboratories and facilities
  • Industry experts in Bioidentical Hormones (BHRT), Dermatology, LDN, Veterinary, etc.
  • Free One-on-one clinical consultations with pharmacists
  • Educational tools and resources available
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For YOU (Patient)

  • 25% off compounds on first order for new patients, including transferred scripts
  • 99% of orders are mailed or available within 24 hours of order confirmation
  • Free CD Smart Devices for accurate dosing of topical medications
  • 2 full service pharmacy locations in Fullerton and La Habra
  • Free shipping on refills placed through mobile app or website
  • Free mailing on 3 or more compounded medications
  • Refills via mobile app, website, phone, or in person at one of our locations
  • Text message refill reminder (optional)
  • We will try to bill your insurance company and provide claim forms to assist in getting your medications covered if requested
  • Convenient hours Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm with on-site clinical pharmacists available during hours of operation
  • Affordability and availability of preparations
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