Hormone Therapy Education (30/30) Program


Interested in growing your BHRT practice?

Central Drugs provides practitioners an amazing opportunity to learn while helping patients get started on BHRT. Our motto is Educate and be Educated! As a practitioner with Central Drugs we offer the following:

Personal Consulting Service

  • One on One Consults with a Clinical
  • Pharmacist
  • Interpreting Lab Values
  • Review Patient Cases
  • Designing Drug Therapy
  • Full Access to BHRT Training Material

Protocols and Forms

  • Male and Female Medical History Forms
  • Symptom and Treatment Forms
  • Male and Female BHRT Protocols
  • Prescribing Guides
  • Lab Values for Male and Female
  • Personalized Prescription Templates for Male and Female
  • CD Smartpen Devices for accurate dosing
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For Customizable Formulations and a Customized Rx Template

  • Speak to our Expert Team of Pharmacists
  • Contact Us at

or at

  • Hormone Education Program