What Should You Know About Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is mainly produced in men and can affect a man’s appearance, sexual development, sex drive, muscle and bone mass, and mood. While testosterone production naturally decreases with age, abnormally low levels can lead to a wide range of symptoms.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

There are many potential causes of low testosterone, including aging, obesity, metabolic syndrome, medications, or conditions that result in testosterone deficiency or damage to the testicles. To make a proper diagnosis, your doctor will consider your health history, conduct an examination, and monitor your signs and symptoms to evaluate if you are suffering from low testosterone.

10 Signs of Low Testosterone

When testosterone production decreases below normal levels, the following symptoms may occur.

  1. Low sex drive

  2. Erectile dysfunction

  3. Hair loss

  4. Fatigue

  5. Loss of muscle mass

  6. Increased body fat

  7. Decreased bone mass

  8. Decreased sense of well-being

  9. Mood changes

  10. Poor memory

Benefits of BHRT for Low Testosterone

BHRT has many potential benefits, including fat loss, increased bone density, improved mood, improved sexual function, greater muscle strength, and improved physical performance.

How can I learn more about BHRT?

At Central Drugs, we compound custom preparations of BHRT using micronized powders in a variety of dosage forms. The precise components of each man’s therapy is determined after physical examination, medical history, and laboratory tests are considered. For more information about BHRT, speak with one of our expert pharmacists by emailing us at clinicalrph@centraldrugsrx.com or by calling us today at (877) 447-7077.